View Full Version : Noise coming from rear end.. need help please.

02-24-2011, 11:57 AM
i had a 96 A4 that i bought from a guy it was a 5spd fwd v6....i just traded last night for a 2000 A4 awd auto 30v car has 107k my old car had 155k i think i got the upper hand but i took it for a test drive and drove it to work today and there is a loud noise from the rear end sounds like the ring and pinion are like low on oil but not sure there is a little bit of oil around the outside of the case but not dripping....could be cause its empty... but any ways how can i check it and has any one else herd this and what was the deal with yours ??? also the steering is very stiff no winning from the pump but its a lot harder to turn compared to my old A4.... one last thing is where is the dip stick for the trany cause i would like to check the fluids and see if it needs to be replaced??
by the way im not super new to Audi's but i could use the help cause im not really familiar with the auto and awd....thanks