View Full Version : Climate control module pinout?

02-20-2011, 07:39 AM
For a few days I've been trying to figure out the 12v switched pin on the prefacelift CCM 8L0 820 043D. I've located the wiring diagram on a few Russian websites but the diagram seems only to identify the constant 12v hot line. From what I've read it's pin 13 on 16 pin harness C. Or the socket on the right. Which seems odd considering I'd have thought that it would be on harness D with the larger pins for more current. I apologize if I seem like a fool. I'm just trying to rewire the switched connection on the radio and CCM due to some unidentified failure between the ignition and whatnot. Can't find the relay that's causing the issue. Not load reduction. Not fuses. Just gonna wire off the 75x post, inline fuse. Blah blah

But any help identifying the switched 12v pin would be much appreciated.

Mike Corti

EDIT** Found it. Suppose doing the research yourself pays off in the end. Learned a lot about the electrical system throughout all of this