View Full Version : New Audi Nav+ and RNS-E website/Forum

03-16-2005, 12:07 PM
One of the Nav+ guru's from our special Yahoo forum has launched a site dedicated to the Nav+ (CD-based...like mine) and the RNS-E (DVD/MMI based). Most of the folks from the Yahoo Nav+ forum are starting to post their threads here (which will make it easier for folks who just want to troll through and get educated). So, if a nOOB asks for information about the RNS-E...we can just direct them to this site for further reading.

FYI (as of March 2005), nobody has been able to load up a US map DVD in the European RNS-E to get it to work. There is a consortium of folks who are trying to modify these map DVD's to trick the european hardware....so stay tuned. The other solution is to just buy an RNS-E from a US model (i.e. a 2005 allroad)...but that will probably cost you $3K+.

FYI (2) - The RNS-E has been installed in a few 2002-2004 A6's...and is functional (see site for posts)...but I have yet to hear of one installed in a 1999-2001 A6 (because of the lack of the CAN-bus architecture).