View Full Version : For Sale: 034Motorsport Time Attack Coupe Quattro - 500+hp, Purpose Built, S2 Body, etc etc

02-12-2011, 10:39 AM
After years of enjoying this car, we are finally ready to let it go to a good home, hopefully one with good BBQ, lots of 110 octane fuel and heavy track flogging of cars before bed time. This car is in fully functional race condition, its ready to start and drive on your favorite track. The last track day we took it to it did 8 sessions over 2 days only needing to be filled with fuel. This is one of the most highly developed cars we've ever produced, we've broken everyhting and re-engineered it until it wouldn't break anymore. It doesn't have any cooling issues, it doesn't have any crank-case breather issues, its makes solid reliable power and will give an incredibly dynamic driving experience to anyone that gets behind the wheel.

As a bonus it has the georgous good looks of an S2 (with an RS2 make over), and the spine tingling warble of the ubiquitous Audi 4-valve 5-cylinder engine. A stroker motor means less lag and incredible response, it makes a solid 500HP all day and can easily be de tuned or tuned for even more power, up to 1000 is totally possible with the current motor and engine management configuraiton, with only a turbo upgrade.

The asking price is everything attached to the car and includes a variety of spare parts including tires. The car is available to view at our 034Motorsport facility and can even be tested on our dyno before purchase.

Please direct any interest or inquiries to Christian Miller at 034Motorsport
(510) 657-6707 - cmiller @ 034motorsport.com

For more info on the car, click the link below


02-12-2011, 08:33 PM
I WAAAAANNNNTTTT!!!!! trade you 4 dirt bikes and my tornado red urs4 and 3 jetskis with trailers for it! :) lol

03-09-2011, 05:09 PM