View Full Version : Going to sell my A4 but for how much?

01-28-2011, 10:16 AM
So i decided I'm tired of the endless battle with this car and decided enough is enough. Now what i'm trying to decide is how much to sell it for. here is the details on what it will have on it when i sell it.

-100K miles
-no major body damage a couple of small door dings and hood is a little scratched
-sport package
-stock HID'S
-engine block is out of a 2000 ATW with around 50K miles head is stock
-k03S with 45K
-check valve delet with no check engine light
-fresh oil/water pumps
-fresh timing belt
-in the last 5000 miles i have replaced the following: radiator, thermostate spark plugs, front axles, maf, coil's, both o2 sensors, coolant temp sensor.
-Flywheel has a fresh re-surface and clutch has about half its life left (stock replacement)
-has the APR stage 2 chip
-APR snub mount
-filled the motor mounts with polly
-front mount intercooler
-stock air box
-either stock cat or test pipe
-stock down pipe to custon 2.5" mid pipe to a 3" borla rear muffler
-e-bay short shifter
-vdo boost gauge
-5% tint all around
-e-bay rs4 front grill with custom rs4 style mesh inserts for the rest of the front bumper
-trunk has been debaged
-stock radio (not sure what speakers i'm going to leave in it as of yet)
-typical rip in drivers seat
-not sure what wheels i'm going to put on it as of yet. might be some 16" gti wheels. or some 17"s i have again haven't decided yet.

So what you guys think she is worth. I'm thinking in the range of 45-5,500?

01-28-2011, 10:40 AM
I think $5000 is a good place to start. Won't get much more considering for 1-2k more you can get an s4.

EErie B6
01-28-2011, 10:50 AM
nah, its a texas car... and sounds pretty clean. id start high and come down... probably $7,000. let the buyer talk you down a little bit. He will feel good he could talk you down... and feel you got a deal, and you might get a bit extra out of it.

Its easier to start high and come down, then it is to start low, it be accepted, and you are left wishing and wondering of you could have got more.

lets see a pic or 2