View Full Version : Audi A4 ABS Pump upgrade to ABS/EDL/ASR pump

01-25-2011, 01:28 PM

I have an Audi A4 B5 1999 1.6i AHL engine 74kw with an ABS Pump code 8E0 314 111 AB - standard ABS.

A friend of mine installed a 8E0 614 111 A Pump with ABS/EDL and it works, EDL worked also.

If i buy an ABS pump from a FWD A4/A6 with ABS/EDL/ASR will it work (the ASR) . Does it need wiring to the ECU?

I did alot of research and there are only 3 things needed besides the actual pump itself:

-need a cable to the AC from the ABS unit for EDL to calculate overheat protection for brake pads on excessive skidding...bla bla..
-need 2 wires for the ASR On/Off button to dash...
-need 1 wire to the Instrument cluster for ASR led light...(same circuit as on/off button).
*all this 3 are optional, no problems if i don`t do fulfill them, only EDL will throw a code but it will work.

But i`m not sure ASR will work , cause i dont know how it functions/if with ecu or anything else.

I found that these pumps will do fine:

- Remark: **********--Part no.
8E0 614 111 B *******_!______________ / ABS/EDL A4/A6
8E0 614 111 C ******* 8E0 614 111 G / ABS/EDL/ASR A4/A6
8E0 614 111 H ******* 8E0 614 111 J / ABS/EDL/ASR A4/A6
8E0 614 111 AH ****** 8E0 614 111 AJ / ABS/EDL/ASR A4/A6

Again i dont know if any of these pumps use CAN-BUS, i dont have that so they wont work if they do. I think the last 2 use can-bus, possibly..
2000+ Audi B5s started to get can-bus wiring..

Can anyone help me? I need to know if ASR needs more then the simple pump+controler to work; I need to know if any of those Pumps use can-bus at their main plug in the controler.
Also any ECU coding needed to tell the car it has ASR?

I dont want to buy it just to test and find out its not working :p . I`d like ASR altough dunno what help it will do, but EDL really seems helpfull. I`m tired of 1 tire spinning while the other is not. I found pumps with all at 80$ (pump+controler) from an A6.
Having this done i can focus on finding asr button and getting wiring ready.

I post this pic i found from ETKA

Thank you for your patience.