View Full Version : hard starting when left for more than 24hours

01-24-2011, 05:08 AM
630cc Siemens
AEM fic custom tune

Code: TPS - implausible signal (I already ordered a new one) - Not sure if its the cause, read below.


It doesn't matter what time of day. Temps here get quite high. Around 90farenheit average mornings.

Anytime when I leave my car for more than 24hours, it takes a couple of tries (usually 3) to get it started. Once it starts, I can shut if off and immediately start the engine again with one try. If I don't use it for only around 6-8 hours, it also turns on with one try.

Its like the engine is getting flooded when not used for more than 24hours.

I tried leaning the crap out of 0-1000 rpm, still the same problem. I feel the Siemens are leaking any fuel left in them when the engine is off, causing the cylinders to get flooded.

There was this one time I started it, let it idle for 5mins, then shut if off, started it again the next day, 5mins Idle shut it off, the following day the car wouldn't start, plugs were fouled (black and extremely wet). Basically I didn't use the car for three days, just let it Idle for a few minutes.

Does anyone else have this problem?