View Full Version : Coolant temperature light

01-22-2011, 03:54 PM
Ok, it has been in the single digits overnight and sometimes negatives here in MO. My car (B5 A4 with a 2.8 litre), unfortunately has to sit outside-at least its in a carport, upon morning start up, the coolant light will flash and beep. I immediately shut it off, and start it again, no coolant light flash and beep the second start up.

Today, it did the same thing, and on the second key turn, it did it again. Checked coolant about .25 of an inch below MIN mark. Slowly drove over to Wally-world and topped it off with distilled water- I had to run an errand that involved a 60 +/- round trip drive at highway speeds. This only happens when it is very cold. Heat is good, temperature gauge does go up to mid.