View Full Version : Calling Autobox Trans experts/ other codes help!

01-10-2011, 09:46 AM
Looking at a 99 1.8t quattro , have to get it for the right price however as it needs *all* of the typical shit that B5's need on top of a few other things.

probally a new battery, a new O2 and the vag-com picked up a few more things under the autotrans

00268 Solenoid valve 6 N93
open or short to ground- intermittent
00266 Solenoid valve 5 N92
open or short to ground- intermittent
00270 Solenoid valve 7 N94
open or short to ground- intermittent
00264 solenoid Valve 4 N91
open or short to ground- intermittent

also found an airbag fault
01217 side airbag igniter; driver side N199
resistaiance too high-intermittent
I'm guessing the airbag needs to be replaced $$$

it has the typicall central locking pump run time exceeded code and some alarm codes as well.

there was only 1 other thread on the topic that mentioned failed/failing solenoids in the Valve body, which is within the reach of possibility since the car has 183,000 miles on it

01-10-2011, 11:25 AM
anyone have an idea?