View Full Version : Need help, Axle/CV joint problems..

03-09-2005, 07:21 PM
My center hub bolt came loose when driving causing my ABS sensor and brakes to lock up in the rear....toe in becomes like 15 degrees and the car is undrivable.

After spending 3 days trying to find a 14mm hex key, yes I live in buffalo, I CRANKED the bolt down...I dont think it could be on any tighter.

Upon lowering the car and backing out, within 2 feet of moving jthe car I heard noises...and before I got out of my driveway the ABS sensor light came back on. After turning around and moving back in my garage, the wheel is tilted 15 degrees again.

Every time I tighten the bolt down, it pops right back out again to hand-tightened.

What do I do?!