View Full Version : Injector questions

12-13-2010, 02:45 PM
So I started finalizing what would be needed as far as a fuel system is concerned. The few questions I had were about Injector sizing. Assuming I want my fuel system to be safe for 650 @ the crank it appears I would need 1300CC injectors. Is this right? I could get 1200CC Bosch Ev14s (I believe) and run them @ 50 PSI i order to get this kind of duty cycle. Everything else I will be running will be safe up to 1000hp (Aeromotive A1000, Aeromotive FPR, upgraded fuel line, etc.) I plan on breaking 500AWHP on pump, but with the few people @ this level I haven't seen anything about what kind of fuel systems they are running. Any advice is welcome.