View Full Version : cel's back for another round, opinions

12-09-2010, 06:46 PM
Recently had my CEL come on for bank 1 cat converter under threshold. Took my car into a great shop, only to find out I needed two cats replaced. $500 later I've got the car back. Well when the car was brought in, before clearing codes, it suddenly was also running a CEL for a cylinder 1 misfire and a bad coilpack. I dont have the code numbers offhand... The code was cleared about 75 miles ago and it hasn't come back. Need to drive my car a couple hundred miles back and forth to work this coming weekend, but don't want to do any damage.

Think there's any chance that it was somehow related to the cat codes that were coming up.. Should I be worried even though it hasn't come back yet? Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated... just want to get my baby back to normal before the snow really hits here in CT. (: