View Full Version : 01 A4 1.8t wont start

German Dreams
12-08-2010, 05:47 PM
So a customer pulled into there house driving like normal and when they went to start it the next morning it wouldn't start

Fuel pump is priming fuel in entire system and lines injectors up front all have fuel

Spark seems good as coils and plugs are firing although plugs do have oil on them

Car has been down on power for a while as i have been told. Did a compression test and got 50lbs[o_o]on three cylinders and then 100lbs on one.
Is the low compression enough to make it not start all together??

Only code is Coolant temp sensor I know this can make them hard to start but never seen one not start
Wiring to coil packs seems to be getting good signal

Vag com reads rpm so crank sensor is working??????

trying to get it to start for customer so i can give him the rest of the bad news

Yes the belt is still on but i will check to see if it jumped a tooth tomorrow if nothing else comes up.

Plugs in morning to start just wondering if anyone has any other ideas
don't see how some fouled plugs would run one day and not the next