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11-26-2010, 10:52 PM
Hi all, I could use some help/input, I drive a 99.5 A4 2.8QM and noticed some problems the other day after I was driving on the expressway for an hour and a half or so. I just got off the expressway and was on the highway going about 60 and the car in front of me was turning so I slowed down and I put my car in 2nd to go around and I got a flashing CEL. It then went back to a solid CEL which I have had since I bought the car a few months ago. I continued driving another 30 miles or so on some pretty fun back roads without a problem. Then yesterday I go to get in the car to drive home (80 miles) and its missing really bad right around 2500 RPM's. I changed the plugs today and it ran even worse, I then took the coil pack and wires off of my nice running 00 A4 2.8 and it still ran rough. So then I put the old plugs back in and it ran about the same. I then had to drive it another 80 miles back today I was nervous and cringing the whole way. I got it scanned after and these are the codes I got:

* I have always had a solid CEL on in this car and i figured it was a 02 sensor because of my magnaflow exhaust and K&N air intake, and the car never missed.
* The coolant temperature gauge always took a long time to get to the middle, and recently it doesn't even move from cold unless the car is sitting at idle.
* Because of the K&N air intake my secondary air injection is a little different from stock, and there is a plastic line with a filter that was always disconnected. I looked at is today and could see water in the air injection pump where the line is supposed to be, so I reconnected it.
* My valve cover gasket is leaky on the passenger side, the same side as the misfire.
* All of this happened right when it began to get cold and snow outside.
* I bought the car from my friend and he said that he had problems with the injectors a while back that he thought was a miss caused by plugs/wires

When I'm driving it almost feels like my wheels are spinning at some points and you can really notice the miss right around 2500 rpm. I hate driving the car like this hopefully one of you can help me figure this out, any help/input is appreciated. Thanks, Nick

11-29-2010, 07:35 PM
Bump. I pulled and re-gapped the spark plug for cylinder 1 that didn't work, so I replaced it, still no luck. I swapped the plug wire with the cylinder 2 wire to see if the wire was the problem, it still was misfiring on cyl. 1. Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on where to go next. I think I'm gonna buy a coolant temp sensor and swap the injectors around tomorrow to see if that does anything. any other suggestions? -Nick

12-01-2010, 01:06 PM
I think I solved the problem, swapped the injector from cylinder 1 over to cylinder 2, then scanned the car and it came up with 12 codes, two of them were for cylinder 2 misfires. cleared all 12 codes and drove the car hard for a few hundred feet and sure enough there was a flashing CEL. Scanned it and came up with 2 codes, both for cylinder #2 misfires, so the misfire followed the fuel injector. Ordering a new fuel injector today, and ECTS should be in on friday. Just wanted to post this info so that anyone with this problem in the future knows how to troubleshoot it. Thanks, Nick

12-01-2010, 01:38 PM
You probably also have oil on you MAF now due to the K&N filter.