View Full Version : For Sale: MERC AMG aero II's monoblocks

11-13-2010, 04:48 PM
MERC AMG aero II's
18x8.5 et 31

drilled to accept 14mm lugs

hubcentric rings for Audi. (not sure about passats and mkV/VI) and have proper legth bolts to fit audi. (also cleared my b5 s4 brakes w/ zero problems)

all 4 have decent amounts of curbage around the outer lips but would be great for dailys or bring um to dep wheel and get um fixed.
3 tires have camber wear and are at about 10% and 1 the sidewalls are blown out. all 4 basicly no good.

looking for 450 w/ bolts and rings or 400 w/o


dont get on here often so best to call 425 328 0145 (screen on my phone is currently broke so call dont text)