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11-09-2010, 12:01 PM
The KONI SS kit is ACHTUN!NG's (http://www.achtuning.com) most popular coil-over setup and we're offering incredible sale pricing so even more of you can get in on the deal! This kit is by far the best "bang-for-buck" coil-over kit on the market and offers superior ride quality and comfort despite its performance characteristics.

http://shop.achtuning.com/ProductImages/images/product_images_stasis/stasis_suspensions/T_STaSIS_B6_A4_Streetsport.jpg (http://shop.achtuning.com/koni-ss-coilover-kit-audi-b5-a4-quattro-b5-s4.aspx)

List price: $1816.00 | ACHTUN!NG Price: $950!! *

The most popular applications are in-stock, ready to ship!! Click on the image above to be directed to our website for online purchasing or call toll-free - 877.722.4886.

... The details for those who like reading. :)

Koni's SS coil-over suspension kits are designed specifically for each Audi model and configuration. The ride will feel similar to the factory Audi suspension but with more control. In addition to the comfortable ride the Koni SS coilover kit will stiffen the suspension just enough to improve the steering response and minimize body roll. The spring rate is chosen for your vehicle and driving use. The Koni SS suspension kit includes the following components:

KONI Cadmium Plated, Adjustable Dampers
Koni Progressive Springs
UHMWPE Spring Perch Bearings

Many spring and shock combinations lower the car more than most drivers want. Spring and shock combinations are rarely designed to work in concert with the rest of the suspension and thus make for poor handling and ride quality. The KONI SS Coilovers give you the ability to choose where you want the ride height to be while giving you the damping control you need.

This kit uses Koni's twin-tube dampers featuring Sport valving. Additional features include a corrosion resistant cadmium plated damper body, damping adjustability and height adjustability. Rebound is adjustable while the damper is off of the car. Most customers find that changing the settings after installation isn't necessary. Rear dampers feature the same performance as the front dampers.

The rear suspension of of many Audi and Volkswagen vehicles uses a separate perch for the spring. Due to this design a "true" coilover is not possible in the rear of those vehicles however an adjustable perch is included for height adjustability.

* Offer good while current supplies last.