View Full Version : Feeler: FS: Anyone interested in a Sprint SERO plan?

10-27-2010, 09:23 PM
just want to get the word out there so this process can done painlessly.
I have 2 sero plans for sale. 1 is a sero premium which just started and has a 2 year contract, the other is a regular sero which has a contract till next august.
My plan is to open up a new sprint family plan and move my existing numbers to that plan while transferring my existing sero plan to the new customer.

If this is possible and you know the process please let me know.

So the price would be about $100 per plan. The touch pro 2 has missing end button so i took it off. I may fix it and keep it as a back up but i am not 100% sure.

Background Info
Sero is a $30 plan from sprint that includes 500 to 1500 mins and also includes unlimited Text and data but is limited to non-android and non-palm web os based phone
Sero premium is a $10 addon which makes the phone $40 and now you can choose any phone in sprint (plus addition 10$ 4g if you need it) I believe you can move down to normal sero if needed

Just have the sero premium now with 2 years left