View Full Version : p0432, po441, po332, po411, po422 caused by exhaust leak?

10-01-2010, 04:58 PM
i had to cut the exhaust down right after the o2 sensors to work on the driveshaft. i was able to weld up the bottom when I put the exhaust back up, but on top it leaks some....car sounds loud. Deff. needs fixed. No check engine light was for days driving it like that but today on the highway i got the check engine light come on. codes are as follows:
p0432, po441, po332, po411, po422
Could a exhaust leak cause this? I'm assuming the cats aren't getting hot enouph since there is leak right after them on both sides right by the o2 sensors......as for the knock sensor, maybe due to the noice of the exhaust leak?

Thoughts suggestions?

This is on a 99 2.8 automatic.

10-01-2010, 05:37 PM
P0411 is SAI incorrect flow.

Doubt its related.