View Full Version : For Sale: Sport Technic Mono Premium 2PC 20 x 8.5 ET37 with Pirelli P Zero 275/35/20

10-01-2010, 11:57 AM
I've decided to go a different direction with the wheels on my D3 S8, so I have my set of Sport Technic Mono 10 Premium wheels up for sale.

$1500 OBO


20 x 8.5, ET 37
Hub bore 73.1 - I will include the hubcentric spacers to convert them to 57.1.
Pirelli 275/35/20 P Zero, with approximately 60% tread left on the lowest tire, the other three are closer to 70%
TPMS Installed using a bracket and strap kit from www.tpmsoutlet.com. The TPMS sensors are mounted inside the wheel, 180 degrees opposite the valve stem - ((These wheels have a specific valve stem setup that uses a aluminum tube that routes the valve stem into the middle of the barrel)

The barrels are forged, and manufactured by Rays in Japan, the same company that does Volk. The wheel weight is approx 33 lbs, which while not great, isn't bad for a 20" wheel. On the plus side, the wheels are extremely durable. I just had all four wheels checked and two had a very, very minor wobble, nothing that could be felt while driving, but I had them straigtened anyways so all four are 100% straight and true. There are no clearance or rubbing issues on a D3 A8/S8.

Cosmetic condition is approximately a 7 out of 10, structually, they are 10 of 10 - 100% true and straight. This is a great project for someone who has the time and space to polish the lips, and maybe touch up the centers. The rims had some curb rash, and I started to refinish the lips, but just don't have the time to devote to them. I tried to show any blemishes in the pics. If you'd like some specific pics, please let me know and I'd be happy to email them to you.

I'm located in downtown Boston, but will ship at buyers expense. New retail on the wheels was $890 per wheel, and tires were $388/ea at Tire Rack when I purchased them a couple years ago. I would prefer not to split the tires / wheels / TPMS sensors. This is a really good looking and well sorted upgrade to a D3 A8/S8, ready to bolt on and drive. No wobbles, no vibration.

I'm also interested in any trades for 19 or 20 wheels, plus or minus cash.

Here's a link to a photo gallery of the wheels.


10-23-2010, 08:23 AM
Hey John any chance you have a link on the Sport Technics. Ive been searching for a bit. My 18's got bit by road work at my job and they are going to cover 2 of them.