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09-29-2010, 03:49 PM

The 2010 running of Petit Le Mans is slated to be one of the most important races since its inception as it marks the return of the R15 Plus to ALMS. It also sets the stage for a rematch where the Audi R15 Plus team aims to defend their Le Mans podium sweep against the Peugeots. APR and Quattroworld.com will commemorate this special event by offering Audi fans a place to hang out during the race in APRís booth in Vendor Village at Road Atlanta.

The party will last all week as we root on the team from Audi. If you are already planning on attending Petit Le Mans, donít forget to stop by Friday night and hang out with other Audi enthusiasts and check out APRís B8 S4 race car and other modified Audiís on display. APRís booth will feature their newly released Audi RS4 4.2l Stage 3 supercharger system and B8 S4 street car with APRís RSC Exhaust System and ECU Upgrade.

Are you still on the fence and havenít booked your tickets yet? This is the exact special addition to the weekendís events you were looking for to make it impossible to miss! As some people may already know, this is how you do Petit! APR and Quattroworld.com will keep the APR Booth open all day during the race on Saturday as your ďbase campĒ to take a break from soaking in all of the activities and motorsport glory. Continue to stop by throughout the day and enjoy some shade and a live TV feed while you take a rest before heading to the next turn to watch Audi bring home another prestigious win.

APR will have an excellent sale to celebrate the event!

ECU Upgrades will be on site Friday and Saturday!

ECU Upgrade Sale:

- All 2.0T FSI or TSI or 2.7T - $599 For a Fully Loaded ECU! Normal Price $1203
- All 1.8T - $499 For a Fully Loaded ECU! Normal Price $1103
- All VR6, 2.5L, 4.2L, are $100 off! Normal Price $499-599
- B8 S4 3.0T ECU - Buy a single program now for $1499 and get a fully loaded ECU when it's released!
- All Porsche ECU Upgrades are 10% Off!
- Existing APR Software customers may upgrade to a Fully Loaded ECU for $149.
- Customers Interested in a Single Program Only may take $50 off the Retail Price!

A Fully Loaded ECU Includes your Choice of 4 of the Following Programs:

- Stock Mode :: Exact Original Mapping and Performance
- 91 Octane Performance
- 93 Octane Performance
- 100 Octane Performance
- Valet Mode :: Limits RPMs and Power Output

A Fully Loaded ECU Also Includes:

- Fault Code Erase :: Erases Fault ECU Fault Codes
- Security Lockout :: Locks Advanced Functionality of Cruise Control, Password Protected
- Anti-Theft :: Disables Throttle to Render Vehicle Inoperable, Password Protected

APR Hardware Sale:

- Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intakes 10% Off!
- APR Stage 3 and K04 Turbocharger Systems 10% Off Select Systems!
- APR Exhausts Systems 10% Off!
- APR Intercooler Systems 10% Off!
- APR Bipipe 10% Off!
- APR R1 Diverter Valve 10% Off!
- All APR Motorsport Items including Silicone Hoses and APR FSI Fuel Pump 10% Off!

Our North American sale is at all APR dealers from September 25th till October 30th.

Find a dealer here: www.goapr.com/dealer/

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For more information and tickets for Petit Le Mans please visit www.roadatlanta.com (http://www.roadatlanta.com)

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