View Full Version : AMG Monoblocks II adjustements?

08-22-2010, 03:33 PM
Hello guys, i found a nice local deal on amg monos and got interested.
The problem is that everyone has a different opinion on what monoblocks are...so fitment posts all vary.

I've heard that the mags might need adjustment to fit a 1997 a4 quattro.
-drilling bolts holes to 14mm from 12mm
-hub rings
-wheel lug?

This is what i dug up, but i do not understand the R12-R13 ball bolt situation


I'm not sure if they are oem mags or replicas...since oem amg mags are supposed to come staggered (i think)...and the ones on sale all have 275/35R18 tires on.

* Wheel Size(front) 8.0J x 18 in
* Wheel Size(rear) 9.0J x 18 in
* Wheel Type Aluminum Alloy ///AMG II Monoblock
* Tires 245/40ZR18 front, 275/35ZR18 rear

If anyone knows anything about the fitment of the amg mono blocks, please chime in.

Here they are


08-22-2010, 03:49 PM
Give full specs of the wheels. Definite specs... If they are reps it will be different.

For example, 5x112? et 30? 18x8 f, 18x9 r?

I believe those are the specs but I don't know for sure so I would ask the seller and get definite specs on the wheels, then someone (possibly myself) will be able to help you.

08-22-2010, 04:33 PM
If they are real they should say AMG Germany or Ronal on the back of the wheels. If so then they are 5x112 and will fit your car. You may have to drill, if so its covered here (http://forums.fourtitude.com/showthread.php?4765027-Drilling-Wheels-%28widening-lug-holes%29&). I don't think you will though.

-You may also need extended lug bolts (eBay)
-You will need hub rings 66.6 to 57.1 (eBay)
-Depending on offset (located on the back of the wheel "ET XX") you may want spacers.