View Full Version : Dropping cylinders? Random misfire?

08-07-2010, 03:57 PM
Alright, some background on the car. I bought it with no timing belt and smashed valves. 12 valves, a timing belt and 100's of gaskets later, I have my self a running car. It's all stock minus a pepboys air filter in lew of the stock air box... (WTB stock air box)

I got 2,500 miles on my Audi so far. Sometimes it'll drop a cylinder and run on 5. This has happened 3 times so far.First time I pulled over and it went back to 6 before I could shut the car down. The last two times I just kept driving and cylinder 6 came back on its own. This is random and rare, so far. So I can't self diagnose it.

I'm curious if this is a common problem? If so what would cause this?

CEL is off, no MIL's. Nothing stands out to me in VAGCOM.

If I'm using the right terminology, the CAS (cam angle/position sensor) is kind of sketchy. By this. I mean the socket on the cas is broken off the housing and just dangling, only the 3 wires are holding it on. I've been meaning to replace it, but haven't been to a scrap yard recently. I don't know how the igntition system works on these cars, is it wasted spark? Could the sketchy cas be causing my problem? I would imagine dropping more then 1 cylinder if the cas was cutting out.

and un-related question. Is igntition timing adjustable on this car? I didn't see any adjustment on the cas. I'd assume, like any other obdII car the base timing is set, correct?

Sorry for not searching. I'm new to the Audi world and don't understand all the terminology yet, and didn't know what to search for. Go ahead and chew me out. I would do the same to a new guy on a DSM board.