View Full Version : MAF question

07-27-2010, 09:49 AM
This is on the 2.8.

I've hear with some MAF's you have to keep them leveled etc....is that the key on our cars as well?

I was bored and started to fabricate a nice looking bottom and side heat shield and then planning to fab up some piping for the intake pipe....basicaly a CAI using the front intake piping at the pumper/grill.

I'm thinking about moving the MAF and it might be in a downward position facing down.

I'm planning to move the filter away from where the maf is to keep the oil off it, I've heard they can cause issue at times.

I like fabricating, that is why this was done, not looking to gain a ton of power :D....so please be nice :D

I'd post pics up, but I dont see the option too.....anyone care to share how. Doent really like uploading them to 3rd party sites and then using them to host the photos.