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06-10-2010, 04:02 PM

We're proud to announce this innovative fueling solution from Integrated Engineering. This is a surge tank which submerges roughly 80% of the Bosch 044 pump in fuel, giving it excellent pick up, as well as very quiet operation.

The pump is mounted using a billet front cover plate, which has been carefully engineered right here in Salt Lake City. The fit of the O ring seal of course is critical, and was the subject of several prototypes as well as much development. The front plates also house 3 x O ring boss -6 AN ports, for quick, clean hookups in and out of the surge tank. No thread sealing compound is required, for a very clean installation. The cover plate is also entirely machined out on the back side, to increase trapped volume and decrease weight. This truly aerospace grade component is machined completely in house. A red anodized clamping plate is included which retains the pump in it's pocket.

The remainder of the tank is 1/8" wall aluminum, tig welded, and then black wrinkle powder coated. The trapped volume of fuel is a surprisingly large 1.5L, meanwhile the overall dimensions are a mere 5.5" X 8" x 4.25"- that INCLUDES the pump people! You will never fit a separate pump and tank into this kind of volume. They fit well underneath the driver or passenger side frame horns on a mk4 or b5 / b6, and can be mounted either horizontally as shown in pictures, or vertically.

Please click here to purchase! (http://www.intengineering.com/Integrated-Engineering-p8862987-1-2.html)

Don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions:


A few more photos:


Lastly, here is a plumbing schematic which will probably answer some questions:


Thanks guys!