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06-07-2010, 03:03 PM
This is a custom plain weave beltline set that is all wrapped up and ready to be shipped. It is the first plain weave set I've made for the B5, so it is somewhat rare.

There are 6 pieces total. The pieces included are the 2 dash pieces, and 4 door pieces. It will fit any year B5, but because this is only the beltline, this set would be ideal for someone with an older A4 prior to the facelift (1996-1999) or an S4 with the aluminum sport trim. If you want this set and would like the additional pieces made, it can be arranged.

Price for this custom plain weave beltline trim will be $400 + a set of beltline trim or a core deposit.


$25 for anywhere in the US via FedEx Home delivery
$45 to Canada via USPS International Priority
Contact me to get quotes on shipping rates for other countries. Usually its about $60 for the major ones.


You can either send your trim to us first or provide a core deposit so you can keep your trim until this custom 4x4 twill set is completed. Core deposit is $200 for the B5. It is a refundable deposit provided to us in lieu of sending your trim to us first. After you install your carbon fiber trim and return your original core trim to us, your core deposit is refunded in full. A core or a deposit is required at the time of payment to secure a set of trim.


f you're interested in snagging this custom plain weave betline set, shoot me an email at matt@ocarbon.com.

06-07-2010, 05:35 PM
Looks sick! Someone grab this!