View Full Version : AOA Just hung up on me! Not covering the 96-97 style ignition b/c my car is a 98?

4A Play
05-27-2010, 05:16 PM
Basically my B5's ignition crapped out and I knew that there was a recall for the 96-97 style ignition switch. I looked up my production year which is 8/97. I called 3 dealers and AOA to verify that I need to buy a NEW ignition switch. They all confirm that it goes by the Model year not the production date.

Sooooo I order the NEW style igntion switch, pull my dash apart, and pull out the recalled 96-97 ignition switch. Not the new style that AOA and three dealers told me I needed.

I call AOA and they tell me tough luck. The recall only covers certain VIN number ranges. So I go to the dealer and ask him for a Ignition switch for my 98 A4, he goes in back and pulls out the new style again. At which time I pull the old style out of my pocket and call AOA right at the service counter. AOA and the service manager has no Idea how I got the pre-updated ignition switch in my car but they refuse to give me an old style which is covered under the recall. But they will sell me the old style switch instead of replacing it for free. For $180 plus labor.

By this time Im pretty pissed off, Audi has no idea how I got a old style switch in my 98 and they refuse to cover it. I ask the AOA manager I have on the phone if this was an airbag recall and i somehow got the old defective style in my 98 if that would change the story. He hung up lol.

Im so pissed right now. My ignition has the SAME malfunction that the original was recalled for. The housing cracked right at the top where the switch mates with the lock cylinder. But Audi told me to pound salt because my car missed the production date cut off for the recall "Campagin" (they hate the word recall) by two months. Its no big deal because the part is like $30 but its frustrating that no one can tell me why this happened or give me a new part. It is clearly the old style switch that clearly had the same failure which the original pre-recall switch was susceptable to. But they wont make the situation better because my VIN doesnt match. Obviously I never had it replaced before and avoided this whole problem of my electronics going insane because I was assured the recall did not affect me.

New style switch that three dealers, AOA, and ECS told me I should have after giving them my VIN on top. What came out of my column on the bottom.


The reason for the recall, cracked housing due to the spring seat being poorly placed. In my 98 Audi, not 96-97.


I called back and another service rep is going to contact me tomorrow with exact production dates that the VINs fall into.


05-27-2010, 05:31 PM
Wow, that's pretty lousy. If this was a Toyota, they'd have this taken care of for you, VIN number or not. Audi/VW is very specific on their recall stuff and they will deny everything they can. Missing 1 oil change reciept? A few miles past warranty? Sorry, you get no help. I even heard an Audi dealer Service manager say "10 minutes or 10 years - doesn't matter, it's out of warranty". They could really improve a lot on in this area.

4A Play
05-27-2010, 05:44 PM
Yea and now I have NO idea what to order. Ebay has the OEM part for $17 shipped. But every list I can find that shows a picture has the part listed as a 96 only. EVERY other picture for a 98+ is the new style. So I guess I need a 96 ignition? Such bullshit.

A local old school VAG shop has them in stock for $44, Autozone $74, and I know Ill leave there with the right part. Its insanity that no one can give me a straight answer. Do I take a chance on teh ebay switch that cost half price and says it only fits a 96 or spend $44 on the right part tomorrow. FML.

Whats even crazier is that every single picture I see of a switch that looks like mine is all black. Mine is two tone. I have no clue what to buy.

Heres a pic of the same failure, covered by the audi recall. but in a A6. Look familuar?


ECS has the switch for $14 but the description says that the shape I need only comes in ALL black housing. The 97 switch that is black and white isnt the same shape. WTF.