View Full Version : Hit pothole now steering wheel vibrates

05-27-2010, 02:02 PM
Hit a pothole in nj on way to boston.
Rim, tire, steering rack control arms etc look ok.
Balancing weights came off so that needs to be addressed and alignment is out of place
could it also be the wheel bearing?

05-27-2010, 02:26 PM
your wheel bearing should be alright. Get your front wheels re-balanced and get an alignment done. You should be good.

Kronic Budz
05-27-2010, 02:39 PM
im getting a vibration in my wheel too at higher freeway speeds. its because my rear wheel i pretty bent.

Thanks to NKI 337 for selling me a bent wheel.

05-27-2010, 03:07 PM
bent wheel or toast alignment

05-27-2010, 03:18 PM
Yea it's just your off balance. No bends on the back lip of the wheel?

05-27-2010, 05:22 PM
Depending on how hard the hit was, it could be a bend (inside lip is more susceptible, structurally) or the impact could have even damaged the tire itself. When you get it rebalanced the tire guy should be able to tell if you have rim or tire damage. It is pretty easy to see these things while the wheel is on the balancer. Hopefully it just needs balanced and you'll be good to go.

05-27-2010, 08:03 PM
You could have also potentially bent the iron suspension upright. Apparently they're easier to bend than you would think... how do I know? I've had to replace one that was bent. The real pain is it's basically impossible to tell visually. My advice get the wheel balanced and see how it is. This will tell you whether or not the cause is a bent rim or out of balance wheel. If it's still there take the car in oran alignment. If it can't be aligned and all of the control arms appear to be in good shape then you have a bent iron upright.

05-28-2010, 08:46 AM
im getting a vibration in my wheel too at higher freeway speeds. its because my rear wheel i pretty bent.

Thanks to NKI 337 for selling me a bent wheel.

you pay cash or use paypal? if you paid cash i assume you are (atleast semi) local, so go get your money back... unless he specifically told you it was bent, then you are screwed. If you used paypal you can very easily get your money back through them for product that does not match description

Kronic Budz
05-28-2010, 12:06 PM

money transfer but had him email me this bill of sale too

Nahuel Itzcovitch(seller), in consideration of dollars ($715), do hereby sell, transfer and convey to Noah Grime(Buyer) the following wheels:

Make: OEM Audi
Model: Ultra Sport Package B6 A4.
Specs: 18x8 43ET

I undersigned seller, do sell the above-described wheels to the buyer for the amount shown and certify tha all of the information provided in this bill of sale is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Wheels are in great condition, one has a scratch approximately one inch 1/2 by one inch 1/2 on the face. All four (4) wheels hold air, wheels are not cracked, and they balance with minimal weight added to the.
With the wheels, also including two (2) sets of H&R Spacers. They are also in perfect shape. No bolts included. Sale is "as is", there is no guarantee or warranty expressed or implied with the above-described property.

05-28-2010, 05:21 PM
@Kronic: That doesn't say anything about "runout", only that they would balance. They could be perfectly balanced but still cause vibration if the runout is poor. He also says no guarantee or warranty, so I think you are probably stuck there. You may be able to get it repaired, but finding another one of those rims probably isn't too hard either.

Kronic Budz
05-29-2010, 03:29 AM
^^^ yeah your prob right. hes a piece of shit though, this is the beginning of what he has coming...

he also claimed in his original posting of the wheels in classifieds the tires on the wheels were mint and the wheels had no bends. fuckin BS

but yeah $80 to get it fixed.

05-29-2010, 08:12 AM
im getting a vibration in my wheel too at higher freeway speeds. its because my rear wheel i pretty bent.

Thanks to NKI 337 for selling me a bent wheel.

Get a bigger hammer?

If it holds air then just throw it on the back and you'll barely notice it if at all. Its really bent when it will no longer hold air. When its that bad I bend the lip back with a hammer.

06-01-2010, 11:11 AM
OK ... Thanks for all the replies guys. Got back from Mass to VA after a vibrating trip ... I had two bent rims - one like a pan cake the other slightly so he moved them to the back. Im gonna have to get ANOTHER set of rims since these BBS Motorsports Reps are 3 months old. I also have a lot of play in the ball joint and a torn CV Boot. Fuck me. Is it possible to fix a bent aluminum rim?

P.S. I hit the left side so hard it bent that rim and the right rim, broke off my driver's side corner light (so i'm getting 1 piece) and broke my GPS off the mount. I hate New Jersey - Fuck your roads.

06-01-2010, 03:46 PM
Reminds me of BSaint that sold me HREs and didn't pinpoint that there was a 3 inch crack on one of the wheels.. fun!!