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05-26-2010, 09:56 PM
Sup you guys. First of I appologize for my English. I am not of the best at speaking it. I have a 1999 a4. Oh by the way I'm new on here. Anyways I know it may sound strange to say but my question is if anyone knows anything about making bullet proof your doors? Also for windows where do u buy them from and can you tint them? Gracias martin

05-26-2010, 10:07 PM
I have no idea, but I'm gonna guess and say that some kind of security companies probably make some type of kevlar insert that can be put into the door panel. Windows might be more spendy, they'd have to be custom made I'd assume. Hope the advice helps!

05-26-2010, 10:14 PM
Do u think that stuff would make it like heavy? I need For it to be pretty fast..

05-26-2010, 10:29 PM
bullet proof doors and windows are extremely heavy and insanely expensive. 50 cent had a bulletproof suburban, not something like an escalade or anything fancier for that exact reason. he spent like 200grand on that thing. if you want, texas armoring (http://www.texasarmoring.com/) can bulletproof your car but it wont be cheap. and after all that goes into it, i doubt the engine will be able to haul around that extra weight.

05-26-2010, 10:34 PM
Well you see I only need it 4 a bit. Kinda scary story but I only need it once

05-26-2010, 10:53 PM
buy a vest, much cheaper than bulletproofing a car.

05-26-2010, 11:02 PM
why don't you just hire personally security, it is lighter and way cheaper than armoring your whole car.. you could hire 4 gaurds for the price of an armored car.. or you could by a military humvee somewhere..

05-27-2010, 04:03 PM
Do they make bullet proof pants?

05-27-2010, 04:07 PM
I know I'm not the only one wondering and you may not feel comfortable posting on a public forum but...what exactly do you need this for? Pardon my asking and you dont have to let us in if you dont want..Just curious..

05-28-2010, 06:35 AM
I'm guessing you're Mexican and MAYBE you live in Mexico City or something. People with a lot of money have armored cars over there to protect themselves and their families from threats. I saw an hour long episode on armoured cars on TLC about 2 years ago.

05-28-2010, 07:55 AM
bmw e38 comes with bullet proof glass
there is a cadi limo. thats bullet proof and grenade proof

05-29-2010, 05:35 PM
I have a bullet proof a4 right now. It only cost me like $13. Go to Walmart and get the bullet-proofing kit (for windows and body panels) in the automotive section.