View Full Version : 40mph+ whistle?

05-26-2010, 06:38 PM
Has anyone else had their car whistle every time they go above 40mph? It does it regardless of engine speed, vacuum, or boost. And it increases with speed. I did just get a chip (and bailey's dv), so I may have torn a line, I am going to do a leak test when i can.

My passenger side front brake was burning yesterday, and I took the caliper off today and compressed the piston just fine. could rubbing make a whistle noise? They are the ATE slotted star pattern thing.

Finally, I get a very lound whistle above 4000 rpm under boost. It sounds nothing like the blown turbos on Youtube, and holds boost fine. I saw that a few people had a similar problem, but never found a solution. Were they all just boost leaks? It has been happening for a while, but before the chip it wasnt until around 5000 rpm.

Do any of these sound like they could be linked?

Almost forgot. the CV boot was torn and the toe is off because the inner and outter tie rods wont come apart, so the shop couldnt adjust them.

Any suggestions? 99.5 1.8tqm 198000 miles