View Full Version : For Sale: DPE ST-7 Staggered Step Lip Matte Brushed Aluminum 19x9 19x10

05-18-2010, 06:35 PM
Brand/Name: DPE ST-7 Chrome Step Lips with Matte Brushed Centers (Rare Step Lip option)
Size: 19x9 19x10
Offset: 38 front 48 rear (i ran these with 15mm/20mm spacers on my car)
Tires: 225/35 front 235/35 rear (needs new rear tires, fronts are fine)
Condition: I never bent/cracked these wheels, they are super strong and handled the crappy roads of 580/680/880 that I daily drive on. The 2 front wheels have been resealed professionally from Wheels America (they leaked slowly when I purchased them). Never leaked after that. One of the front wheels has curbage, the other front is perfect. The 2 rear wheels have a small amount of curbage about 4-6" long (the chrome hides it as they look like tiny scratches). I would rate them as a 8/10


These were originally made to fit Adam@SPPs Audi A3.. but with the right spacers I got them to sit pretty damn aggressive for the B6 body.

pictures on a3:

pictures on b6a4:

video of them rolling:


more pictures: