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Matt Devo
04-07-2009, 07:52 AM
skill: 4/10
time: 1 hr
part(s): CCT gasket, OEM part # 058 198 217.
special tools: Cam Chain Tensioner Compressor tool (OE tool # 3366)
cost: ~$25 for gasket set + tool + sealant

It is recommended to do this at the same time you change the valve cover gasket, since you need to remove the VC gasket to replace the CCT gasket.

old gasket set + tool:


new gasket set (color of half-moon piece may vary - mine was creme):


The operating area: (VC gasket already removed)


start: remove valve cover and VC gasket. <a href="http://www.audiworld.com/tech/eng93.shtml" target="_blank">This tech article on AW</a> is a pretty good reference.

Once the VC and gasket are removed, ensure that the piston on the CC tensioner is fully extended (see pic). If not, or if you're not sure, turn the engine *clockwise* using the bolt on the camshaft (16mm, over which the timing belt passes) until you hit the top-most point.

CCT piston: (pic courtesy of 'junkie1.8TQ' on AZ)


Camshaft Sprocket w/Timing Belt (pic reused from tech article above). Turn bolt shown CW as needed.


Install the CCT compressor tool. Be 100% sure that the bolt is perpendicular to the block when tightening to prevent cross-threading (thx Dave U.). Tighten with a ratchet until resistance is met. There should be a bit of slack in the chain now. Bolt in tool is 5mm? hex.

CCT Compressor tool use: (pic courtesy of 'junkie1.8TQ' on AZ)


Next, remove the 4 torx bolts (T27?) holding the tensioner to the block:


Once the bolts are removed, the tensioner assembly can be lifted up, creating just enough space for the old gasket and half-moon to be removed. They may be stuck, so be prepared with a flat head screwdriver. The gasket can be most easily slid out the left side, and the half-moon out the back (towards firewall)

When installing the new gasket, it is recommended to put a light coat of sealant on the top side of the lower right corner (see pic).


my preferred sealant:


Now, reinstall the 4 torx bolts, screwing in each a bit at a time to keep even pressure on the tensioner as you reinstall. Remove the CCT compressor tool. Install VC gasket, applying a small amount of sealant at the points shown:


Put VC back on, installation is the reverse of removal. If the underside of your VC doesn't look nice and clean, you may want to do a cycle or two of Auto-RX.

Underside of my VC at 133k miles. Note I had replaced my VC gasket around 100k, and did an Auto-RX treatment at that time.


Lastly, sit back and crack open a cold one, and bask in the self-satisfaction of having saved a few hundred dollars at the dealer =)

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