View Full Version : For Sale: For sale: lazer red b5 a4 super clean!! with rs4 wheels

03-19-2010, 01:38 PM
like title says b5 a4 up for sale, car has served me well for snowboarding season its now time to start drivin the TTZ again

19 vmr v708's 235 35 19 30% tread left 0 camber wear
blacked out grille (looks kinda like rs4 grille)
kenwood deck with i pod cable
factory bose speakers still in tact

clean pain 7.5/10 could be better according to your standards
interior 7.5/10

143xxx miles clean title no cel or abs lights all windows work!
ice cold ac

2.8l v6 12v 5 spd trans with good clutch AWD

im looking to get 4500 with the wheels or 4000 with the stock wheels

call or email me 916 960 3895 or ctrc519@aol.com i dont check my Azine a lot so email or text is the best way to get ahold of me, i might consider a trade straight accross for 1.8T AWD 5spd a4 in white with dark interior or a clean s14 240sx