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03-07-2010, 05:53 PM
Well after buying the car from my brother I noticed there was a misfire every now and then and decided when the weather was nice I would work on it a bit. Well today it was really nice.

So I decided to do VCG, plugs (BKR6E NGK's), VAGCOM check as I would get CEL every now and then, oil change, and air filter.

All of this was done at my Apartment. I am sure my neighbors love me (last year I completely tore down my R6 for paint and some other work (forks and new rear subframe in my carport).

Starting off.
And a snow pic from a few weeks ago for reference of said car.

First I must say doing the VCG on the AWM is not a lot of fun due to the PCV valve pipe and I assume some other emission hardpipe that are in the way. The PCV valve pipe was easy to get out of the way but the other one not so much. But once I started taking the coils out I believe I finally found my misfire problem, and will probably soon replace that coil if I experience anymore misfires..

Normal cylinder..
The fun one.

Since I could not find anything to suck out the oil with I used multiple paper towels to suck up as much oil as I could and preceded on. The valve cover was nasty as well as most of the other engine covers and such so I cleaned them up with Simple Green and I must say it almost looks presentable again (no pic of the cleaner bay as I forgot, maybe tomorrow).


And with the valve cover and airbox out, not too happy with the amount of stain on the head, but it was pretty clear of any sludge on the VC and all throughout the head.

But once I got the VC back on and cleaned a few things up I set to modify my airbox with a screw driver and a drill/holesaw. I am sure I did what most people do and remove the flapper in the bottom of the airbox and drilled some strategically placed hole to get some more air, but colder air. Then put a K&N filter in.

I must say a combination of new plugs and the airbox/K&N actually woke it up a little bit. The car seems much happier and is actually a bit louder. You can hear the turbo and DV faintly (which I do not care much about) but is kind of cool.

The ECU had to relearn its better flowing intake because I was normally boosting around 15-16psi with the GIAC chip but was getting 20-21 for the first few miles. After a while it went back down to 17psi and acts like a normal K03 should.. pathetic.

My purpose of this posting is because I am bored and reminding people that simple tuneup maintenance can do wonders. And please check your VCG, I would assume this thing was leaking for awhile as there is plenty of oil on the side of the head.

Hopefully soon I will get my coilovers and I am going to start next week refinishing my $200 17" B6 Sport wheels and will make a posting when I see fit.

03-07-2010, 08:14 PM
When you get oil in the plug hole like that you can just remove the spark plug and chase the oil into the cylinder with some brake or carb cleaner. Then clean off the plug and stick it back in. If there is a lot of oil, it may blow a puff of smoke on startup, but nothing to worry about.

+1 request for the cleaned-up bay pics.

03-08-2010, 12:50 PM
Nice, nothing runs better than a well maintained 1.8T

03-08-2010, 03:25 PM
Thanks for the comments. As stated nothing really exciting I was just really bored and wanted to take full advantage of my boredom to waste others time haha.

Anyways I took a couple more pics. They came out crappy due to lighting and I was lazy so used full auto mode.

I guess I really only cleaned the passenger side and the engine cover (well valve cover too but you can't see it). When I actually give the car a proper bath I am going to clean the radiator support and the rest of the bay.

And I forgot to mention I also installed a boost gauge. Obviously the New South Performance pod with a VDO gauge. I don't really like them in the vents and it is still easy to see the center display by simply peeking around it. Plus I got a great deal from a friend, 50 bones still brand new in box.

03-12-2010, 05:06 PM
buy my DV!!

haha i still have it all ready for you.

03-12-2010, 07:45 PM
nice did the same thing on a 2.7L today, a lot more hardware to take out of the way to do the gasket on the cover