View Full Version : which direction on adjustable cam gear???

01-26-2010, 03:21 PM
I made 454 awhp today at 4855 rpms[cool]

Launches and of the line are not so good though...

I have a Eurospec adjustable cam gear and am wanting to move some power down a bit lower and see how it feels.

Which direction moves the power band lower (or higher) in other words: does "advancing" the cam gear make the power come on quicker or does that make more up top?


PS I beat a supercharged moostang (aka "WTF" [white-trash-ferrari])
last night stoplight to stoplight for $20 which was great for a first kill in this build[race]

01-26-2010, 03:31 PM
nice, cant help you on your question but, how much boost were you running and what octane for the dyno?

01-26-2010, 04:07 PM
93 octane pump gas, and I made 28.87 psi on my highest power pull.
I'm just adding boost, tweaking fuel, adding timing until it doesn't make any more power ( or the first notion of a knock count) and then back the timing off a little.
I'm bumping the boost up to 30-32 next.
Actually, it's really not so much about "how much boost are you running?"
rather it's about how your entire tune on your particular engine is performing and where...
Everyone that even peeks in my engine bay see's the bigass snail off the side that looks as big as the motor itself, and the first thing they all ask is "so, how much boost ya run?" I've run 35s-38psi and not made as much power as I made today on only 28psi, so it's really relative...

I kept hitting in the low 400's at about a 12.7-13 afr, and in the range of 30psi load, and then this morning I padded up the fuel so my high 12 -low 13 afr is now about 11.5 and she started making a lot more power real quicklyat 25-28psi. -see what I'm getting at?

As for the cam gear, The info I have found so far all seems to indicate that ADVANCING the cam gear will make more power down low, and then of course retarding it will put more power up top... anyone disagree with this?

I suppose the more important question is: how many degrees is safe to advance or retard this on stock cams with +1mm oversize valves?
The Eurospec gear (like most others) has a vernier scale that ranges from -10 to +10 degrees, and there;s probably enough adjustment to get about -12/+12 degrees. I was planning to advance 5 deg's tonight and see how it feels on the way to work tomorrow morning?

Got another ? for anyone that knows:
In AEMPro, I have Rally style anti-lag enabled and setup. Basically, this causes a very late burn actually IN the turbine housing causing the turbo to spool very fast. the tradeoff is elevated EGT's at lower RPM's "off the line" when you're using this feature.
Has anyone here used anything like this on any other standalone? If so, can you give any indication of the useful ranges you found, and at what point was it better to backoff the Anti-Lag and decrese lag by other means?

I am barely using this right now, and my plan is to adjust the cam gear and try to reduce lag as much as possible before going to far into the anti-lag settings, using it as more of a "last resort"
Any info at all would be much appreciated and very helpful.