View Full Version : For Sale: NEW Southbend Stage 5 Ceramic Clutch (8-Puck)

12-23-2009, 10:46 AM
Selling my Southbend Stage 5 Ceramic Clutch (8-Puck) because my goals have changed for the car and I want to focus on my RX-7.

I just had the pressure plate re-surfaced and got a new clutch plate (0 miles) because I wanted to get away from the Fermatic full face stage 5 clutch. If you've done research on the fermatic material, you've probably seen that a lot of people have issues launching with them which is why I went with ceramic.

I will also be including a clutch alignment tool and an upgraded throwout bearing. Normally the throwout bearings that you get (stock and aftermarket) are plastic but I upgraded to a metal one so that I wouldn't ever have to worry about it.

Any questions, shoot me a PM.

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