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12-07-2009, 05:55 PM
hey i was told that you couldnt paint your brake calibers in the winter, whats the temperature you want before you consider painting brake calibers

12-07-2009, 06:15 PM
You want the weather outside to be nice enough to have the paint cure properly. You can paint the calipers in the winter with no issues. Just bring the calipers inside your residence to let them cure there before placing them back on your vehicle. Remove lines, get new fluid, flush system, remove calipers, clean them outside, bring them inside to paint and cure, place back onto car, place lines back, add new brake fluid, and you should be good to go. But the paint will not cure properly in the dense, cold weather.

12-07-2009, 06:20 PM
Read the guidelines on the can, I believe its >55 or something like that. Just prep well and you'll be all set.

12-07-2009, 06:25 PM
What's a caliber?

12-07-2009, 07:39 PM
caliper [:D]

12-08-2009, 05:49 AM
sorry? didnt think it being one letter off the right spelling would be that confusing.

12-08-2009, 05:57 AM
Well it is!!!

12-08-2009, 05:59 AM
A caliper is what holds your brake pads. Have you ever saw a car's rim and seen something red or blue behind it. Well thats a painted brake caliper. [:D]

12-08-2009, 08:02 AM
yes u know this i am not an idiot why would i be asking what season to paint them if i didnt know where they where?? iv gotten the helpful information already but you guys are welcome to keep acting like im retarded i already got my info

12-08-2009, 08:07 AM
^They're just busting your chops. Don't take it personal[cool].

12-08-2009, 08:08 AM
yah i know but i dont really care for idiots who just try to annoy peaple, they should go by the if you dont have anything good to say then shut the hell up {:

12-09-2009, 10:04 AM
I was replying to the guy asking what a caliper was. Im pretty sure you should know where the caliper is if you want to paint them. If you didnt i would be wondering why your going to paint them lol. But no im not saying your stupid. I was just saying to greedo where and what a caliper is [:D]