View Full Version : Innovate LM2 Wideband Logger - Questions

12-03-2009, 12:58 PM
Looking at picking up an InnovateMotorsports LM2 Wideband Data Logger/Tool.


The question I have is if anyone has been running one on their car, and if you went with a dual O2 sensor version, or just a single O2. I will be using this to help with the tuning of my PES G2 setup (1998 A4 2.8), and also my TRD S/C LandCruiser.

With the LC there is no need for a second O2 reading, but with the 2.8 exhaust setup and the dual cats, my thought is that it may be necessary. I will be setting it up to also read EGT and IAT's, so will have plenty of data to digest.

Any experience / advice appreciated.



12-03-2009, 01:35 PM
Been using one for years. I fabbed up a tailpipe adapter that is exactly like theirs and have been running it that way with good success for years on different cars (did the tailpipe adapter because it was for tuning and I wanted to be able to adapt it to any car with ease). Its the single 02 sensor version.