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x Wild Bill x
11-27-2009, 06:54 AM
So, I got a P0422 code for cat below threshold, replaced it with a Labree HFC, with the long stand off to prevent a CEL. Still got the P0422 code and it would come back on regardless of how I drove or anything. So I got a new Bosch oxygen sensor, while it is a "universal" it is the exact part number listed on Bosch's website as a replacement. So, should be no problem there. Now, the catalytic converter is passing for readiness, but EVAP is failing and I am getting 3 codes:

17513 Oxygen sensor B1S2: Heating circuit short to plus P1105

17522 Oxygen sensor B1S2: Internal resistance too high P1114

16524 Oxygen sensor B1S2: No activity P0140

All of these codes are intermittent. So, I have no idea what to do or what to check, or why I am getting these. Also, all of the wires matched up because the colors are the same and the resistant of the two white wires is 2ohms.

Thanks for any help,

11-27-2009, 02:50 PM
What was the CEL for, because intermittent codes don't grant a CEL? The B1S2 codes sort of bug me out when people post them for the 1.8T, because our 02 sensors are for the B2. But they are referring to the secondary 02 sensor on bank 1, which is the driver's side (would pertain to the 2.8). If you cleared everything, then I would wait for the CEL to pop back up and deal with it then.

x Wild Bill x
11-28-2009, 05:49 AM
When the CEl comes on and I scan the car, that is the only codes that I get on Vag com. I have cleared them 3 times and each time the CEL pops on after the 3rd or so start up. The only thing not passed readiness is Evap, but I don't think I have gone through enough drive cycles to get that to pass.

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11-28-2009, 11:05 AM
Those 3 codes are basically saying that there is no rear 02 sensor. It is not reading anything.

x Wild Bill x
11-29-2009, 06:12 AM
Yeah, I know, yet when I watch the readings with Vag com, I can see the voltage fluctuating, is it .435V at idle and then goes up when I hit the gas? Don't remember it exactly, but something like that lol. Also, it shows there is an internal resistance of 0 for the heating element, I measure it with my DMM and got 2 ohms, stock they like to see 6ish right? I think I am going to go down to Radioshack and pick up a 5ohm load resistor and put it inline with the heater wire. This should trick the car into thinking it is fine, which it really is and not throw the codes. The P0140 I feel may be coming from the CEL not turning on right away. The weirdest part, is everything passes readiness lol.


11-29-2009, 09:20 AM
my file fixes all that. :)