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11-24-2009, 06:14 PM

That's right- In addition to distributing JE and Wiseco, we decided to also pick up Mahle... We felt that Mahle's Powerpack line of pistons had a place in our line as a high end piston with exceptional value that will run extremely quiet in the bores. The Mahle Powerpack pistons have several exemplary features which- while available from JE or Wiseco in some form- will generally drive the price up to beyond that of the Mahle's. Let me elaborate:

1) The Mahle PowerPack piston is a slipper skirt, forged side relief piston. This reduces the overall weight of the component greatly without decreasing strength. It is very carefully designed and requires a much more expensive forging die. JE offers this under their name "FSR" forging- but it adds significantly to the price.

2) 4032 Alloy- While 2618 pistons are extremely strong, in many medium horsepower cases, such as most street cars, 4032 is a good compromise. The primary advantage is that it has less thermal expansion, allowing a tighter engine to be built which is quieter on cold start. The disadvantage to this is that it is not quiet as strong. This is why for an ALL OUT drag car, I would still use a custom JE piston. We feel the Mahle is an exceptional street piston.

3) Grafal Anti friction skirt coatings - Mahle includes their proprietary Grafal coating in every set. Along with the advantages of standard anti-friction coating, this coating is also somewhat impact absorbing, further quieting the piston in the bore and also reducing the peak forces seen by the skirt.

4) Ultra Flat Ring Grooves- Mahle has gone to extreme levels to ensure their ring lands are flat and smooth. This ensures optimum ring seal as well as reducing the chances of micro-welding during break in. Microwelding during an aggressive break in procedure can permanently ruin the ring pack's ability to seal effectively.

These features combine to produce what we feel is an extremely high end street piston. For extreme power, the 2618 alloy offered by JE is superior, but a JE piston with comparible features (FSR or their soon to be released turbo version- forging, coated skirts), will cost significantly more then these pistons. Mahle does have an all out race piston, called a "PowerPack Plus", made from 2618 alloy and even with a hard anodized upper ring land, but those are not currently available for the 1.8T.

As a Mahle Powerpack distributor, we have priced these pistons reasonably, and of course we welcome dealer / reseller inquiries for any shops out there interested in using these in a project.

Three bore sizes are available, 81mm, 81.5mm, and 82.5mm. All are 8.5:1 compression. We are stocking all bore sizes for immediate shipping. I will also be adding piston and rod combinations later this evening.

Mahle PowerPack 1.8T Pistons: $659.99

PowerPack: 81MM Bore (http://www.intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/Mahle-PowerPack-81MM-p8000315-1-2.html)

PowerPack: 81.5MM Bore (http://www.intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/Mahle-PowerPack-815MM-p8000316-1-2.html)

PowerPack: 82.5MM Bore (http://www.intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/Mahle-PowerPack-825MM-p8000317-1-2.html)

As usual, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email:

801.484.2021 - M-F 9 to 6 Mountain Time

As always, thank you for your time and attention. :beer: