View Full Version : Stealth Auto bulbs are dim..

01-08-2005, 06:22 PM
Got my 3357/3457 Stealth Auto turn signal bulbs and I'm sorta dissapointed..

During the day when they're off they look pretty slick. I just have stock US one piece headlamps, no e-codes.

And when they blink the filament for the blinker puts out a really nice, amber light. But not nearly as bright as the stock Sylvania.

The worst part about them though is the parking filament, the one that stays on when you turn on your headlights. Its so dim its pathetic..

I know, some of you will say "just cut your parking light wire, who wants those anyways?", but for $29.99 I figured they'd be glowing a little better. Look real slick during the day though..

01-08-2005, 06:42 PM
just cut your parking light wire, who wants those anyway

01-08-2005, 06:52 PM
just cut your parking light wire, who wants those anyways?

01-08-2005, 06:59 PM
you guyz are HILARious..

01-08-2005, 07:38 PM
Yeah they have that silver coating on them, they're not going to be as bright as stock bulbs for obvious reasons. The coating is even thicker than the OG silver bulbs, the Philips SilverVision, which is what makes them so "stealthy". [:D]

01-08-2005, 07:57 PM
SilverVision sooo ripped off the Polarg Visual Hybrids..

You guys seen the leaps and bounds PIAA has made in the mini LED department?

they have an LED dome light now and I saw these on ebay and have no idea what the hell they are: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7945556397&category=33713

I'm kind of a light nut..

01-08-2005, 08:05 PM
As am I. I really think the Philips were out first.

01-08-2005, 08:15 PM
really? gosh, I must have seen the Polargs like 2 years ago on the web.. and they come in like 4 colors.

Philips always seemed to me to be just a Pepboys/Autozone brand kind of behind everything.. PIAA and Raybrig is where its been at for me.

01-08-2005, 08:23 PM
Philips and Osram are the two largest bulb manufacturers in Europe. Philips has had the SilverVision, and Osram their Diadem, for I don't know how long now. As long as I can remember.

Only problem is they're available in such a limited fitment.

01-08-2005, 09:13 PM
yes.. Osram is cool, and they're on and the same as Philips..

I really need xeon btw.

I went to the shop today thats putting in my chip, bv and snub and they said they can't put in xenons! guess after market applications are illegal in CA. sux.

they said I should go to a stereo install place to get them put in. and I pretty much have to go to a garage cause I live in an apartment and can't work on my car downstairs..

01-08-2005, 10:09 PM
I like them slightly dimmer. Not as contrasting.