View Full Version : Ticking noise from Timming Belt? kinda long

01-05-2005, 12:27 PM
my motor doesnt have lifter noise anymore since i put additive and changed my oil alotta times already...
i used a small hose, put one end next to my ear...other on the motor...put it over each lifter area, chain area....no clicking noise anymore...but when i put it next to the timming belt.. thats where the clicking noise is. i kinda pulled the cover off and there was alot of dirt? grime inside...this normal? tension feels good on the belt.
but sup with the licking noise in the timming belt area? anybody had this before??? im not driving the car right now
cant realy describe the noise but on audiworld somebody posted a video where he had clicking noises..it sounded like that..sounded like lifters sticking but it was comming from the T/B area
pretty sure you guys are going to advise me not to drive the car.
can i use that STP Belt dressing on a T/B anyways..let me know what you guys think, thanks.....
edit...umm please read below

01-05-2005, 06:09 PM
I don't exactly know if the timing belt would make such a noise. But use the STP Belt dressing slightly and you will note the difference in the sound.

biturbo hero
01-05-2005, 08:53 PM
did that STP help??
i have that same noise on my ess, but it sounds like its coming from the coolant pump pulley and its the ribbed belt for me.
lemme know

01-05-2005, 10:14 PM
okay i looked at the tension on the belt agian and when its idle.
i can see the belt move up and down couple milimeters.
when i rev it a little...it moves bout 1/4 inch like its flapping.
so this is the sh t that pissed me off..i turned the car off
touched the belt again..and it was soft...on the right side of the belt i can move it up and down with my finger 1/4 to half an inch.
isnt there suppose to be tension on that...so when i took a pen.
i can slide the timmint belt off the gear easly( i didnt even try moving it more then half way out the gear..wtf? is this normal??

yea i think im going to do the t/m belt job myself and order the kit from ecs..doesnt seem so hard to do it anyway. save me 400 of labor
but let me know if u guys this is normal which i doubt..i think the tensioners going south.

edit: by the way the stp worked great on my other belts