View Full Version : Trade: 1988 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Stevey Capri
11-05-2009, 03:27 AM
1988 Toyota 4Runner SR5. 185,000 miles. It has a 22RE and a manual tranny. The clutch is pretty high but still catches fine. 4WD works. Removable top doesn't leak. It needs rust repair around the gas door, rear wheel wells, and tailgate, along with some TLC. The frame is solid. It's my daily driver so I need to trade for something drivable. It's certainly not pretty. Interior has it's share of wear and tear, and mud stains. The hood is now primer and the sun visor is off, so no more orange. I'd say it's more of a running project, although I drive it at least 200+ miles a week. Comes with a few boxes of spare parts and trim, and an unused radiator.


I would prefer one of the following, but all offers are welcome:
B2, B3, B4, B5, Coupe GT, C4, C5, V8, D2, Passat VR6, Golf (Mk2 Wolfsburg), GTI, Rabbit, Jetta (Mk1, Mk2 GLI or Wolfsburg, Mk3 VR6), Quantum, Dasher, Corrado, Scirocco, Cabriolet, Rabbit Pickup, Cabrio, Fox

Will consider all VW and Audi offers, even air cooled! Like I said, looks don't matter as long as it runs decent. I'm actually looking for something a little beat up. If it's a piece of crap body wise I can always go with the rat look. I love Avants, and I would actually prefer a wagon over a sedan. Manual tranny only!