View Full Version : APR Octoberfest Sale- Only 2 Weeks Left!!!

GMP Performance
10-13-2009, 01:31 PM

APR's Octoberfest sale officially ends on October 26th. If you've been thinking about a software reflash, intake, exhaust, intercooler, or turbo upgrade, now is the time!

Savings for the B5 A4:

ECU 1.8T (http://www.gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?PG=detail&PID=99636)- $499 fully loaded with all programs!*
Intake (http://www.gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?PG=detail&PID=142885)- 10% off!*
Exhaust (http://www.gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?PG=detail&PID=54720)- 10% off!*
Intercooler (http://www.gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?PG=detail&PID=67438)- 15% off!*
Stage III (http://www.gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?PG=detail&PID=77614&VS=1)- 10% off!*

(click any of the links above to see the product on our site)

The Fully Loaded ECUs are an especially good deal right now, as they are normally $1100! They include your choice of 4 programs (Stock, 91 Octane, 93 Octane, 100 Octane, Valet), as well as Security Lockout Mode, Anti-Theft Mode, Fault Code Erase, and Throttle Body Alignment.

APR upgrades can be ordered at www.GMPperformance.com or thru the Sales Team at 1-888-488-2028. We ship anywhere and everywhere, with years of export experience and options to suit any budget.