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10-12-2009, 03:09 PM

i have a 07 a4 s-line.. bought it used and it didnt come with nav or the bose system.. dunno why, but its probably better that way.. my question is more for info on what its got.. i want to replace the whole thing... the info i currently know is that its a 6-disc in dash symphony 2 (not 100% on that one) and there are 4 component 6 1/2" in the door with a 1" tweeter.. no idea on depths or ohms on that one.. and i know there is a sub (if you can call it that) somewhere in the trunk.. no idea about amps currently in there.. dunno if all the wires are run for the upgraded system,... so help me out please...

what i would like to add is the following:
-Rockford 6.5" power componets for all the doors. think they are like 2.7 inch deep so no idea if they will fit. if not will the 2.2 depth punch components be any good?
-1 Rockford P2 10" in a fiberglass encloser in the trunk. dunno if i will need more than one. i dont listen to alot of rap, but want way more bass then the current setup.
-Rockford P300-1 mono amp. for sub, 150w max @ 4 ohm
-Rockford P400-4 4ch amp. for door speakers. 50wx4 @ 4 ohms.
-some 1 fared capacitor w/ digi readout. cuz why not have a digital readout in the trunk [:D]
- no idea on the head unit. would like a flip up like the avx7000 from eclipse, but just dont want to buy something junk thats not going to hold up for more than year or 2. any ideas appriciated.

10-13-2009, 10:04 AM
depth in the doors will support 2.75" with a little room to spare. it's also a good idea to run all new wiring. the rest of what you listed is all personal preference. anything can be done.

10-13-2009, 03:10 PM
YES!!! i looked at the rockford 6.5 power series today and almost had a tear thinking i couldnt put them in.. thanks for hte info, soo happy.. i do plan on upgrading the wires that are their.. do you know or know where i can find more info on my current setup so i cam have a correct plan.. thanks again man.. big help :)

10-13-2009, 03:39 PM
you've already got the right info, let me know what specific questions you've got about the car. As for the amp, in a non-bose, your rears & sub are amplified. The fronts run off the headunit. Since you're replacing everything you really don't need to worry about interfacing with anything but the headunit wiring harness. Run new wiring for everything else.