View Full Version : Boost gauge goes crazy!!!!

10-07-2009, 05:50 AM
Whats up guys!
its been a while that i havent been on this forum or posted...

I been having this problem, noticed it again yesterday when i was pulling hard in fifth gear.

Whats happening is while im in high gear, over 3-4k rpms... when i hit full boost i start to get alot of activity from the boost gauge... it starts to bounce violently but never bounces over the preset psi which is 23 psi.
i also feel it in the car as well... but its not to noticeable.

What can be causing this... there is no boost leak, the tial WG is running on a spring... no external boost control.

My setup is a 98 1.8t, stock motor, gt3071r small inlet...bosche sparkplugs, TAPP software, 660 inj.
and almost forgot... our favorite MAF sensor "ford"

Thanks guys,