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10-01-2009, 10:57 PM

When building a high HP / high RPM 1.8t, dowel pinning the timing belt drive pulley is one essential step to keeping it in one piece. Normally, this requires a trip to the machine shop, crankshaft in hand. Not anymore. We have sorted out and produced a kit which allows the end user to quickly and effectively dowel pin their crankshafts without any special machine tools. The kit is based around a brand new, OEM timing belt pulley, which we then place into our HAAS machining center and spot drill, drill, ream, and counterbore a precision bore in. We have carefully setup this bore so that the drilled portion can be used as a pilot hole for drilling the crankshaft, without damaging the reamed, precision portion of the hole which is the dowel pins future home. We are using a high strength dowel pin, capable of supporting a shear load of 7200 pounds. This will support the loads whenever they are large enough to overcome the friction in the joint provided by the clamping force from the bolt. This prevents the keyway from shearing and the proper timing from being lost. In addition, this also positively keys the gear to the crankshaft so that exact timing is maintained.

This kit also allows the crankshaft to be easily dowel pinned with the crank still installed in the motor, even in the vehicle. All of the necessary work can be performed IN the vehicle.

Kit includes:

Brand new OEM Timing Belt Pulley, CNC spot drilled, drilled, reamed, and countersunk.
High strength alloy steel dowel pin capable of supporting 7200 pounds of shear force.
Drill Bit
Precision reamer to ensure perfect fit of dowel pin
2 Page Instruction manual with pictures.

Available NOW- CLICK HERE (http://www.intengineering.com/VW/18T/Oem-Parts/18T-20V-Timing-Belt-Gear-p7737264.html)

AEB Early 1.8T Kit (http://www.intengineering.com/VW/18T/Oem-Parts/18T-20V-Timing-Belt-Gear-p7772250-1-2.html)

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Thanks for the support so far guys :)