View Full Version : cv joints started to click :( / Exhaust making noise? What?

10-01-2009, 04:08 PM
Hey guys,

been a while... Anyways, my CV boots ripped a few months ago, and I've been planning on replacing them when Im going to lower my car, which would be in a month or so... Well a few days ago, the driver side starts to click when Im turning all the way to the left... How long do I have about, before it's completely fucked?

Also, I just put on an APR exhaust with the mid muffler removed (race bullet instead of it), and its full turbo back... Well when Im at Idle, only around 800 rpm, it starts to almost chirp... Its getting really annoying. Anyone else run into this?

Thanks! [wrench]

10-01-2009, 07:22 PM
For the cv boots...you shouldn't have waited so long to replace them. My outter cv boot on the front driver side ripped a few weeks ago and im working on getting that replaced this or next week...

Point is...replace them asap...dont wait til you lower it because you might make problems worse.

For the exhaust...i have a turbo back APR exhaust as well, but i have the muffler...i never hear any chirps at any range or rpm...its just really quite and alot of the time you cant tell that the car is even running...but like i said i have the muffler so maybe thats why its so quite.

What exactly do you mean by chirps tho...elaborate on that a little more, maybe i can help if you explain whats going on a little more in detail.[up]