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09-23-2009, 08:01 PM
Hey all by mistake I changed my odometer from miles to kilometer but I have no clue how I did it I was trying to go in to 17-then group 22 but somehow group 2 or 3 came up and it went to kilometers anyone know how I can go back to miles? Thx again!

09-23-2009, 08:07 PM
did you change it to canada coding?

17-Instruments: -- KWP-1281
VAG-COM Works fine.

Immobilizer Procedures in the Ross-Tech Wiki

Note: US/Canada model Audi A4/S4 do not have Immobilizers.

Recode for warning lamps (through 1999 only):

[17 - Instruments]
[Recode - 07]
Write down the existing coding for future reference.
Enter 5-digit code from below
[Do It!]

Look at the first two digits in the coding. Add the values for the options together to get the correct coding.

00 - No available equipment
+01 - Brakepad wear sensor warning active
+02 - Seatbelt warning active
+04 - Washer fluid level warning active (may only work with pre-2000 models)
+16 - Navigation System (non-USA models)

Look at the third digit in the coding (Market version):

0 - "Germany" 24 hour clock
1 - "Rest of World" 24 hour clock
2 - "USA" 12 hour clock
3 - "Canada" 12 hour clock

Look at the fourth digit in the coding (Cylinders):

4 - 4-cylinder
6 - 6-cylinder

Look at the fifth digit in the coding (Distance impulse multiplier):

0 - TDI Engine (non-USA models)
2 - Non-turbo Gasoline engine
4 - Turbocharged engine

So, if you want to have Seatbelt warning and washer fluid warning only in a 1999 Canadian A4 2.8, (add 00+02+04 = 06),3,6,2 = 06362.

A complete instrument cluster coding chart which includes 2000 and newer cars is available in the Ross-Tech Wiki.

Change Language Displayed:

[17 - Instruments]
[Adaptation - 10]
Enter channel 04

The available languages are :

00001 - German
00002 - English
00003 - French
00004 - Italian
00005 - Spanish
00006 - Portuguese


Resetting Service Reminder Intervals:


09-23-2009, 10:15 PM
my OG code is 02242 which seems right expect I do have the 1.8t so not sure why my last digit isnt a 4 but I changed the code to 02042 and it removed the chime but changed to kilo then i changed it to 02442 and it went back to miles and now it has no chime but since I have a turbo should I change the code to 02444? My LCD does not have the more advanced LCD for the 98.5 thx for the help.