View Full Version : When ordering some things to consider

09-07-2009, 09:55 AM
1. First thing to consider is that when the GPS is not ordered (Canadian vehicle, may apply to US also) the MMI is placed on the upright console rather than below the gear shifter. I say this just in case dealers only have fully loaded vehicles for people to test drive and then you order one and get a huge suprise. Also you have less buttons and esthetically is not as nice because the MMI below the gear shifter position the also add a piano black finish to the trim rather than the matte plastic.
2. From what I understand is that if you order the GPS and the B&O sound system you will also get more DSP options. This is due to the way the B&O is connected to the amps etc. From what I have read is that the GPS and B&O is connected digitally while a non GPS B&O system is hooked up using analog. LIke I said I read this somewhere but it may need to be confirmed. I put this down so when you are ordering a car you may want to confirm it with the dealer and not get a suprise later on.

Please if any other hidden differences on the car that anybody knows about please add to this list and maybe someone can sticky this.