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08-31-2009, 03:20 PM
on the 2.8 12v v6, there is a metal coolant line attached to the top of the oil pan, with a hose on one end running straight up to the coolant expansion tank and the hose on the other end running into the water pump (i think).

on my car, this line is virtually rusted away and is starting to leak coolant (i find drips on the bottom of my oil pan). what's the name of this line and where can i find one? until i find a replacement, is is possible to bypass this line in some way?


09-02-2009, 04:33 PM
I have the same problem on my 12v, not leaking yet, but I'm not gonna wait till the middle of January when it decides to start.

I'm heading to the dealer on friday morning, they should be able to get it there.

09-03-2009, 01:37 AM
i ended up replacing it with some heater hose and a y-intersection after sawing that line in two because i didn't feel like taking the front end of the car off to get it out... dunno if that was the right thing to do or not, but it seems to work normally.

i'm changing my timing belt soon, so i'll just replace it with the proper part then.

09-03-2009, 01:54 AM
Part number for that metal coolant pipe is 078 121 081 J.

07-19-2012, 07:30 PM
Bringing this one back from the dead.....

So i replaced my AC compressor today and found that the same line on mine was rusted too, wasnt going to fix it until i unintentionally pierced it with a screwdriver. My mechanic had a similar metal colant line off another audi motor and we modified it to fit in its place. It works well, no leaks, but the hose coming off it is like a quarter inch away from the serpentine belt, we wire tied it away from the belt but it makes me nerous. Anyword on the cost of this pipe or the best rout to get one, I kinda wanna go back down there and put the right part in there.